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About the project

A new PEP project for 200 beneficiaries, half of them Syrians and half of them Turkish.
The project aims to employ beneficiaries in Turkish public sector institutions such as schools, hospitals, construction, and other municipal works.
Specifications of employees who are entitled to apply to work on this project:
Turks or Syrians are entitled to refugees in Turkey who are subject to the temporary protection law and registered for a period of no less than six months in the city of Antakya in Hatay state.
Duration of work: four months
The organization will:
1. Securing job opportunities for workers in general government departments in Antakya or the private sector.
2. Securing a work permit for Syrian workers.
3. Pay the salaries of Syrian and Turkish workers at a full salary rate for four months only during their work period in Antakya municipality projects
4. The value of the salary is equal to the value of the minimum wage in Turkey (military wage) with all fees and taxes due on it.
5. Securing work clothes for workers according to work requirements, if any.
6. Providing free transportation for workers from their homes to work and back for a period of five months.
7. Securing a daily lunch during workdays for workers for a period of five months.

Important note: If you receive a red crescent card, it will be canceled when you start working.

You are welcome and we wish all the best.

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